October 14, 2016

Can you come to our PCA press conference Wednesday, October 19th?



MNPCA is hosting a press conference next Wednesday, October 19 at 9:00 AM at the State Office Building near the Capitol and is inviting all PCAs and their loved ones to attend!

Please join us as we educate the media, PCAs and public about our effort to protect the PCA program we love from the overreach by the State of Minnesota and interference from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

We do not believe that the SEIU makes the PCA program better. In fact, the SEIU is a threat to the program and a threat to our families.

This press conference will feature PCAs like Kris Greene, Catherine Hunter, and our very special guest Pamela Harris of the Harris v Quinn Supreme Court case.

Pam Harris is why we do not have to pay any dues to the SEIU. Sadly, the SEIU still gets to speak for us and change the PCA program as our “exclusive representative.”


That is why we need to decertify the SEIU.

We will also provide updates about what MNPCA has been up to. We will focus on:

  1. The decertification effort to liberate the PCA program from the SEIU
  2. The lawsuit filed against the state over the quality of the list of PCAs provided to MNPCA for our decertification effort
  3. Alerting the media and the public to the fact that contract negotiations between SEIU and the state have already begun, even though the current contract does not expire until June 30th, 2017. We are concerned the union is trying to defeat the decertification effort by starting negotiations so early.
  4. The SEIU is looking for private data like our household income and cell numbers under the contract. Why?


Remember: with the SEIU, we lose control over what is best for our loved ones.

If we can call for another vote we will have a chance to protect the PCA program, but we’ll need the help of PCAs like you to pull it off! (Have you signed and mailed in your Election Authorization Card? No, well bring it to the press conference! We will also have forms there for you to sign.)

Being PCAs ourselves we know how busy you are, but we hope you can join us Wednesday, October 19th in the State Office Building. We’ve included event details and parking information below.


MNPCA Press Conference

Wednesday, October 19th at 9am

State Office Building, Room 181(On First Floor Opposite the Elevators)

100 Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. (Off Rice Street)

St Paul, MN 55155



The best place to park is right next to the State Office Building and MNDOT. There is a new Ramp F that has lots of handicap spots. (It is across from the Sears parking lot off Rice Street.) The pay machine takes Cash and Visa but not American Express. You DO NOT have to put your paid receipt in your car. So once you have parked and paid, you are good to go.


Public parking is also available in the following locations:

Lot AA: located west of the State Office Building on Rice Street

Lot C: located west of the MN Senate Building on Sherburne Avenue

Public disability parking is available throughout the Capitol Complex. This parking is located near building accessibility entrances. Vehicles must display either a disability parking certificate or a disability license plate.


Here is a link to State Capitol Parking: http://www.gis.leg.mn/html/directions.html