December 8, 2016

Good News! We can still submit your election cards!

December 8, 2016

Last Friday, MNPCA filed thousands of signed election cards to show that PCAs want a chance to decertify the SEIU.

Unsurprisingly, the SEIU challenged our petition for a new election. That means the SEIU is trying to silence the thousands of PCAs who have asked for a new vote by encouraging the state to dismiss their ballots.

The only way us PCAs have a fighting chance of calling for a new election is if we file so many election cards the state and the SEIU will have no choice but to accept that PCAs do not want to be represented by the SEIU.

We’ve had thousands of signed cards turned into MNPCA, but all of the information we’ve received from the state tells us we’ll likely need thousands more. We just do not know because the state will not give us a good list.

Thankfully, MNPCA can continue collecting signed election cards to supplement our original showing.  We may have enough right now but we have to assume we need more until the state tells us otherwise. This is probably our only chance to decertify the SEIU.

We need your help to do just that!

Your card could be the one that puts us over the top. As one PCA from Farmington said today, It is the power of one!

PCAs, we are so close to being able to indisputably call for a new election. If you know of any PCA who has not signed their election card, please have them fill out their election card

by clicking on the “election card” button above and send it in today. It’s urgent!

We will happily pick it up or send you a prepaid envelope if you are not able to mail it yourself. (But if you have a stamp, do not delay and get it in the mail today.

Want to hear the story of a PCA who supports MNPCA? Please watch the video below of Catherine Hunter, a PCA in Burnsville, who supports a union-free PCA program.

Thank you for all you do!
The team at MNPCA