July 28, 2016

MNPCA in the News

LaborPains, a joint blog of the Center for Union Facts and the Enterprise Freedom Action Committee, posted an article on July 22, 2016, about the launch of the Minnesota decertification campaign by Kris Greene:

Kris Greene, the leader of the decertification campaign and a veteran of the home care business, voiced what we’ve long known about the politically-powerful union:

“The SEIU and the changes they have made have not benefited me or my family. I really feel it’s about politics and not for me or my daughter.  It’s the political game and I don’t want to be a part of it to be honest. I just want to take care of my daughter in the best way that she needs and all this other stuff is just interference.”

Greene is right: The SEIU is all about politics. In the last presidential election cycle, the SEIU spent more than $25 million to boost an almost-exclusively Democrat set of candidates and campaign committees. This, despite the fact that almost 40 percent of SEIU members are inclined to vote Republican, according to an estimate from SEIU boss Mary Kay Henry herself.

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