April 20, 2017

PCA’s Union Election Raising Eyebrows

The Minnesota legislature has seen the writing on the wall and its looking bad for the Dayton administration. MNPCA, in its quest to get the SEIU’s fingers out of the Medicaid cookie jar, has uncovered what can only be fraudulent activity, both in the original election and continuing to this day. See the article here for more detail.

Campaign Update

Yesterday, Commissioner Josh Tilsen of the Bureau of Mediation Services (BMS) passed away after complications from a staph infection. BMS conducts the union elections in the state of Minnesota, and is under scrutiny for the PCA union election in 2014.

Commissioner Tilsen’s passing leaves us with more questions. Earlier this month, the state legislature requested that he appear before a legislative committee. In his testimony, he was expected to focus on proving BMS had a valid showing of interest and a fair election before unionizing the PCAs of Minnesota. It is currently unclear if Tilsen’s replacement, acting commissioner Todd Doncavage, will be able to testify on his behalf and produce this evidence.