June 28, 2017


You have followed MNPCA’s reporting on SEIU-Healthcare’s fraudulent behavior toward PCAs for many months.

SEIU and its supporters have forged signatures of PCAs, misrepresented the documents PCAs have signed, claimed that PCAs at non-existent addresses supported them, and claimed “membership” and deducted “dues” from PCAs who never authorized that, among other deceitful practices.

But now they have committed the MOAF (“mother of all frauds”). In an effort to stop our decertification election, they faked the “ratification” of their contract for PCAs by slipping a “contract” into an appropriations bill AFTER the contents of the bill had been agreed upon, and it was specifically determined that the SEIU’s “contract” would not be ratified. Continue reading for the full story…

The legislative majorities in both the House and Senate, including Representatives Marion O’Neill, Steve Drazkowski, and Matt Dean, as well as Senator Michelle Benson, Speaker Kurt Daudt and Senate Leader Paul Gazelka, listened to PCAs. They never agreed to or passed any ratification out of any committee, and it was never put before the Subcommittee on Employee Relations (the SER). The SER, led by Representative O’Neill and Senator Benson, reviews all State labor contracts before they are ratified. After a hearing with MNPCA testimony on May 8th, the SER did not ratify the SEIU’s “contract.”

Governor Dayton, who has championed SEIU from the beginning, wanted SEIU’s “contract” so he and his political allies could keep getting SEIU political contributions, skimmed from PCAs and Medicaid benefits. He lost his fight in the legislature, but it is clear he has not taken “no” for an answer.

Representative Dean and Senator Benson authored the Department of Human Services (“DHS”) related appropriation bill that contains funds for the PCA program. When the bill went to a conference committee for final agreed revisions in the text, the negotiators for the legislative majorities and the Governor’s office agreed on the terms of this bill. They confirmed the final dollar amount the Legislators would appropriate for the PCA program and they agreed that the SEIU’s “contract” would not be ratified because of our fraud challenges and the decertification effort.

Then the trickery began. In complete contradiction to the policy directive of the chairs and the intent of the committee and circumventing the committee and subcommittee approval process, buried within the boiler-plate language a brand new line of text was added stating that the SEIU “contract” was “ratified” by enactment of the bill. This is monumental fraud that only came to light last week when SEIU and the Governor signed the fake “contract” and started communicating to PCAs about the “ratification.”

Representative Matt Dean, one of the authors of the original DHS bill and a party to the negotiations on the final terms in the conference committee, told MNPCA the following:

Legislators never intended to ratify the SEIU contract and specifically agreed with one another, and with Governor Dayton’s representative, that ratification could not and would not be part of the agreed bill. What happened is a shocking, illegitimate betrayal of the Legislative process. Someone inserted language which no Legislative Committee ever approved, in violation of our agreement, claiming to ratify a contract which no legislative body had actually ratified, despite the specific agreement of all parties that this would not occur.

MNPCA has the support of the House and Senate majorities in fighting this scandalous action by SEIU. We will get to the bottom of this and keep you in the loop.

SEIU, Governor Dayton, and at least one DFL Representative or Senator appear to have tricked the Legislature. The ratification language was inserted into a very lengthy bill, which everyone had agreed, and had been told, did not include ratification language. There must be trust and honor for our legislature to function. This is a serious breach of that trust.

MNPCA will proceed with our decertification campaign and will legally fight any claim that this fraudulently “ratified” contract prevents us from doing so. Our Minnesota courts have overturned similar legislative trickery in the past and will do so again. But the Courts can’t do it without PCAs acting on their own behalf. Don’t let the SEIU get away with this! Send in your signed election card now and ask other PCAs to do so too.

We are mailing you a card and return envelope, but if you want to act now, you can:

  1. Go to the following website http://www.mnpca.org
  2. Complete the short online form and click “Generate Card”
  3. Print and Sign the authorization card
  4. Mail back your authorization card for the decertification election

If you are having issues printing the form, call MNPCA at (612) 460-5457 and we will send you a U.S. mail card with a return envelope, to make it easy to do so.

Please help us remove these fraudsters from the PCA program and restore all the millions of dollars they skim from the program every year. Thanks to your help, MNPCA will win this fight and decertify the SEIU.

Thank you for all you do!
Your fellow PCAs