March 4, 2017


Throughout the course of this campaign we have uncovered vacant addresses, empty lots, and even gas stations and a bank where PCAs are supposed to be living. We have found names and addresses that are accurate but upon meeting these people, they are not PCAs and have never heard of the program. There are countless stories around the country of corruption, abuse and fraud on behalf of the SEIU, if you’re interested in reading further, visit Perhaps the biggest fraud of all is manufacturing an enemy of from which the SEIU claims to be “protecting” the PCAs. The fact is, the PCA program has existed in the state of Minnesota since the late 1970s and it is only now when the SEIU has “come to the rescue” that the program is in jeopardy.

Attached is a letter from Senator Dan Hall explaining how the process actually works and what the SEIU really does for the PCAs.

Please help us get rid of the SEIU by signing your “Election Authorization Card” today and return it using the enclosed prepaid envelope. Thank you for your support.

Read Senator Dan Hall letter here