October 1, 2017

SEIU Received 10,000 cards!

We have officially crossed the 10,000 signature card threshold for an SEIU decertification vote! More than that number of cards have been turned into Governor Mark Dayton’s office to date. In SEIU’s highly contested 2014 unionization vote, they received only 1/3 of the votes we have collected in cards. This points to a high likelihood decertification will proceed.

The majority of PCAs are selfless individuals who take care of their loved ones at home, not state employees as congress declared in order to pave way for SEIU’s PCA unionization. SEIU currently takes 3% of PCA’s paychecks, amounting up to $948 a year for most workers, and some PCA’s have complained that SEIU has forged signature cards allowing them to do so.

Sarah Madill, a PCA from Duluth, is one of the people victimized by SEIU’s fraudulent behavior. Despite repeatedly turning away SEIU canvassers, she noticed the union deducting 3% from her paycheck. When she followed up with them to find out why, they produced a card they claimed had her signature. She never signed it.

Patricia Johansen, a homecare provider from Fergus Falls, proved that her card had been forged by a right-handed person. She’s left-handed.

The current Minnesota statehouse is conducting an investigation into SEIU’s unionization and has expressed concern about its validity. Representative Marion O’Neill, who sits on the subcommittee that oversees state employee contracts, stated that what he heard during a full day of testimony was “shocking,” and the testimony detailed behavior that “could only be described as fraud during and after SEIU’s election.”

We agree, but with a new vote, SEIU’s dishonest ways should soon come to an end.

For additional information, read this article from Washington Examiner, and this discussion on the Let Freedom Ring Blog.