August 15, 2016

SEIU, State of Minnesota Pick Pockets of Home Care Workers


The National Legal and Policy Center published this article by Carl Horowitz on August 11, 2016:

“Mrs. Parrish, speaking from first-hand experience, in 2013 already had served notice on what to expect from SEIU organizers:

As a Minnesota family child care provider, I was first approached by the SEIU in 2006 when an unknown man walked into my home, uninvited, asking me to sign a petition to the state for health insurance. He was persistent and wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. After arguing with me for some time, he finally left the petition for me to look over and sign with the understanding that he would be back later to retrieve it.

When I had time to read the fine print, I was shocked to see the word “union.” He neither identified his union affiliation nor disclosed that the card had anything to do with unionization. The tactics used in an attempt to gain my signature left me feeling violated.

After speaking with other child care providers throughout Minnesota and eventually in other states, I learned that my experience was far from isolated. Nearly every provider I spoke with believed that by signing this card they would receive more information about obtaining health care, increased training opportunities, or increasing child care reimbursement rates. I couldn’t find any who were fully informed that signing that card meant they supported unionization or wanted to join the SEIU.

To learn of the costs and potential benefits, we attended union-sponsored informational meetings and were full of questions – most of which went unanswered. Those who asked too many questions were often escorted out of meetings by union representatives.”

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