October 26, 2018

Big Trouble: DHS “Hacked” and the Personal Information of PCAs and their Beneficiaries Compromised

Recently, many PCAs and their family member beneficiaries received a letter from the Minnesota Department of Human Services (“DHS”) detailing the hacking of their personal information at DHS. Apparently, 21,000 individuals were affected, which may be the entire group of Choice and related PCAs.

The Minnesota Senate Health and Human Services Finance Committee, Chaired by MNPCA-friend Senator Michelle Benson (R-Ham Lake), had a hearing on October 17th about this matter and faulted the DHS for this unauthorized access to personal information of PCAs and their family members. Benson said, “I am extremely disappointed with the lack of answers from the Department of Human Services today regarding the data breach that put 21,000 Minnesotans at risk of identity theft. State agencies are failing miserably, but rather than figure out how to fix their mistakes they seem satisfied to make excuses.”

MNPCA believes this “hack” would never have happened if some PCA and beneficiary information were not being provided to the SEIU and made available publicly because of the Mark Dayton/Tina Smith (and now she wants to be a U.S. Senator!) Administration’s unionization of PCAs.

The SEIU’s fake “representation” of PCAs means that both the SEIU and DHS obtain your data from your Agency, whether you like it or not. This doubles the chances of your data being hacked or misused, plus, much of this data is now public under the law, due to PCAs being declared “public employees” to allow the SEIU’s “representation.”

The best way to reduce the risk of PCA and PCA-beneficiary data breaches and abuses is to end the SEIU’s involvement in the PCA program. This would reduce multiple people handling your data as well as the “public” data requirements of PCAs due to unionization. It would, also, of course, end the SEIU’s skimming of millions of dollars from PCAs in the PCA Program every year!

Doing this requires the decertification of the SEIU as PCAs’ representative. To do so requires that an all-PCA election be held to decide whether the SEIU should continue as PCAs’ representative or not. In order to get that election, please send in your completed and signed MNPCA decertification election card today. If you do, we can obtain a legally-binding and secret ballot PCA election.

If PCAs say “no” to the SEIU in that election, PCAs will increase the protection of PCA and beneficiary personal data, and increase the PCA dollars available for PCAs and their beneficiaries, rather than having that money diverted to the SEIU.

Act NOW, because MNPCA must have these cards by Thanksgiving in order to meet the deadline for filing for the election.