November 10, 2016

Election Season Isn’t Over Yet! Help MNPCA Give Caregivers a Voice

The presidential election may be over, but if you’re a PCA in Minnesota one of the most important elections is still to come.

Thousands of PCAs of all political stripes are coming together to vote the SEIU out of the PCA program. And MNPCA needs your help to pull it off.

MNPCA recently welcomed a very special guest to Minnesota: PCA and mom Pam Harris from the historic Harris v Quinn Supreme Court case. She had a special message for PCAs like you across the state. She encouraged you and others to vote SEIU out of the PCA program. Please watch this video to hear her message to Minnesota’s PCAs.

PCAs have learned the hard way that the SEIU is harming this beautiful program. Some of us have seen our hours cut back, some of us have seen “dues deductions” taken from our paychecks without consent, and we’ve all had phone calls and home visits that disrupt the care of the special loved ones in our lives.

 We are asking you to please help us get the SEIU out of this program before its too late. Our MNPCA team and the advocates working tirelessly on our behalf are doing everything possible to fight for PCAs and for this program. 

 In late October, MNPCA filed a lawsuit against three state agencies. We believed the state and the SEIU have been unfairly blocking our effort to let PCAs vote to decertify the union.

 Judge Robert Awsumb of Ramsey County Court ruled that MNPCA is entitled to a list of contact information for PCAs in SEIU’s bargaining unit (this includes union members and non-union members). We wanted the list for a simple reason: we need to reach out to PCAs to see if they want another vote. To do that, we need to know who they are and the best way to get in touch with them.

 The state has refused to provide us this information, even though the SEIU receives updated information every two weeks and the state is required by law to maintain detailed records of PCAs. The Judge recognized this wasn’t right. And, when called out, the state admitted it has been breaking the law for the last two years.

 Yet even with a court order to give the contact list to MNPCA, the state has failed to give us this basic information. For the last several months, the state and the SEIU have been doing everything they can to undercut us.

 But we are not without hope. Even with the odds stacked against us, THOUSANDS of PCAs have joined together with MNPCA.  With nothing to work with besides outdated contact lists filled with fake names and addresses, MNPCA has gained immense support from fellow PCAs and advocates who have helped spread the word about our effort.

 These brave PCAs recognize it’s unfair that the SEIU claimed they won the right to represent PCAs with only 13% support.  They know it’s not right that the SEIU is trying to silence PCAs who are calling for another vote. They know it’s wrong that SEIU takes $4.7 million every year from a Medicaid fund taxpayers intended to go to the disabled.

 If you agree with MNPCA and the thousands of PCAs like you who support us, don’t miss your chance to call for a fairer vote. Please join us by visiting and sending in your election card today.


The MNPCA team