November 22, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving! MNPCA is giving thanks for PCAs and their wonderful families this year


Happy Thanksgiving from MNPCA! 

There is no doubt this year has been tough. Our effort to call for a new vote that lets PCAs decide whether or not they want the SEIU to be their union has been stonewalled on every front.

But amazing PCAs like you and the Ramsey County Court have given us much to be thankful about.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we wanted to share a few updates we’re especially thankful for:

  • Last Friday, Judge Robert Awsumb once again ruled in favor of MNPCA. He ordered the state to stop impeding our efforts and turn over the information we need to reach PCAs like you all over Minnesota. (We promise we will never do anything with that information other than ask for your help to decertify SEIU.)
  • Even though we have a really bad list from 2014 to work with, election authorization cards keep coming in to MNPCA every day. If you have not sent your card in, please click the “election card” tab above and fill it out.
  • Most importantly, we’re so grateful for the support of thousands of PCAs like you across the state. Thanks to you, we have thousands of signed election cards calling for a new vote. We need thousands more, but we are staying optimistic that we will get what we need with your help.
  • We are grateful to all our volunteers and interns, and especially the donors who pay for all our legal work and other costs! We could not do it without you.
  • Finally, we are grateful for the Choice PCA Program. When we have decertified the SEIU, we can go back to making the program better so people like you can count on it.

The work we do as PCAs is sometimes hard but in the end it is so rewarding. As family and friends gather around us, we’re reminded of how important it is love and care for our special loved ones within their own homes surrounded by people who look out for them, providing gentle care and love.

We know that many of you will be busy mashing potatoes and getting the turkey in the oven. But right now, our deadline to submit our election cards is still December 2nd.

If you (or other PCAs you know or work with) haven’t signed their cards yet, please send them to here to to fill out their election cards.

It just takes a moment to fill out the card, print it and then put it in the mail (don’t forget the stamp!)

Please mail your signed card to the address below by Thanksgiving.
PO BOX 390227
EDINA, MN 55439

Don’t have a printer or access to transportation?
We’ll come to you!
Contact us at 612-460-5457

A very happy Thanksgiving from our homes to yours!

With many thanks,

The MNPCA Team