February 21, 2017

How Medicaid is funding politics

In Minnesota the fight for Personal Care Attendants’ (PCAs) rights is ongoing, a modern David and Goliath where the unions have become the giants trampling little people. The PCA program, known as “PCA Choice,” was set up through Medicaid to allow disabled adults to hire in-home care to help them with everyday living. The “Choice” program (as well as two smaller programs, Flexible Use and Shared Option) was set up with families in mind. Because of this, PCAs were not government employees. They were employees of the disabled adults. This allowed the most flexibility and control for families.

That changed in 2013 when Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton made a deal with the unions in exchange for helping him win the election. Subsequently the legislature passed a law making PCAs “public employees.” The Service Employees International Union (“SEIU”) went on to “win” unionization with just 13% of the vote and now collects dues from the limited welfare paid to PCAs.

SEIU’s “representation” of these PCAs and their families is threating the “Choice” program and PCAs are fighting back. They have formed a group called MNPCA and have collected 4,500 signatures calling for a new election. They are confident they can win, but the Dayton administration has been continuously blocking their efforts and are now refusing to allow the election. MNPCA will be taking them back to court.

If you are a Choice PCA and you have not sent in your own election card, go to MNPCA.org and mail it today.

To read more about this ongoing battle, please check out Kim Crockett’s Twin Cities Pioneer Press article here