May 18, 2018

Is the SEIU Really Helping? No! Here’s the Proof

The Minnesota Department of Human Services just sent out a communication to PCAs that detailed some new benefits for PCAs. Interestingly, ALL of the PCAs are entitled to the enhanced hourly rate for PCAs serving those with the highest needs, including the “Traditional” program which is NOT under the SEIU. The training stipend is limited to 5,000 Choice, CDCS and CSG PCAs in the “bargaining unit,” which SEIU will try to restrict to its supporters, but it too is legislatively funded and not provided or paid for by the SEIU. 🤔 Wait a minute, does that mean that the SEIU does nothing in particular for PCAs? Yup, sure does!! As we have said all along, the Legislature is the sole determining body for PCA benefits and the SEIU does nothing but skims millions of dollars off the top, none of which funds benefits for PCAs. Let’s get rid of these guys once and for all.

To see the new benefits click here