May 31, 2017

Legislature Rejects SEIU “Contract” For PCAs and Special Treatment for SEIU Members, STILL Increases PCA Program Funding

The Legislative Sessions ended May 26, 2017 and the PCA program got a funding increase without any help from the SEIU, if the Governor doesn’t veto it. In addition, as allegations of wrong doing accumulate on the 2014 election, the Legislature DID NOT RATIFY SEIU’s supposed contract for PCAs. The contract was full of “pork,” special benefits for SEIU members and handpicked supporters. How did we stop the SEIU’s agenda?

The Legislative Subcommittee on Employee Relations heard from MNPCA witnesses about apparently fraudulent signatures and misrepresentations by the SEIU to get their 2014 election and forced PCA dues authorizations. The Subcommittee also learned that MNPCA had almost 8,000 signed PCA cards and counting toward a new election to remove the SEIU. This evidence “stopped the horses” on the SEIU’s fake early negotiations process to stop our election. The welcome increase in PCA benefits will take effect this summer, if the Governor doesn’t veto the bill to try to help his SEIU cronies. Chair Marion O’Neill (Republican, Buffalo) and Vice Chair Michelle Benson (Republican, Hugo) of the Subcommittee are looking out for us PCAs. The Republican majorities in the Senate and the House followed their lead and declined to ratify the SEIU’s self-serving “deal” with Governor Dayton.

What do you think the legislature would do for PCAs if the SEIU (which has the worst and most controversial reputation at the Capitol) was out of the picture and couldn’t take its $4-$5 million “cut” out of PCA funds every year, while claiming to be our “representative?”