July 21, 2016

PCAs Don’t Need a Union

Message from Kris Greene:


Attention PCAs!

Did you know that you’ve been unionized?

Governor Dayton and the state legislature passed a law declaring us public employees solely for the purpose of forming a union.

There was a vote, but only 3,500 voted for the SEIU. But, as a result, all 27,000 of us are represented by the union.

That’s not fair!

As a five-year PCA in the Lakeville-area, who has been taking care of my daughter for over 24 years, I am concerned that unionizing us will complicate this wonderful program. Also, if you joined the union by accident or were tricked into doing so, 3% of your Medicaid money will go to the SEIU and the politicians they support.

That’s not fair!

But we don’t have to take it. Join me in signing an authorization card calling for a new election.

Learn more about why PCAs don’t need a union at MNPCA.org. There you can fill out your form, print it out and mail it back to our law firm to tell the state we don’t need the SEIU coming between us and our loved ones.

Kris Greene
Lakeville-area, Minnesota PCA