October 26, 2018

SEIU/ DHS Data Breach

The Department of Human Services (DHS) sent out a letter on October 9, 2018 notifying the recipient of a data breach of 21,000 “low income” Minnesotans.

Several PCAs in the Choice program have received the letter from DHS.

We want to know if you received the October 9th letter from DHS notifying you that your private data had been compromised. A link to the letter is here. 

Last summer, DHS was hacked. 

Sensitive private information may have been compromised including name, birthdate, Social Security number address, telephone number, medical information, educational records, employment records, and/or financial information.

 Please respond as soon as possible to [email protected]  if you receive one of those letters. We are trying to determine the extent to which this data breach affected PCAs in the Choice Program.

Also, please follow the advice from DHS on how to protect your identity and credit. It is on the second page of the letter.

Thank you for your help, 

Catherine Hunter and Kris Greene at MNPCA


Read the Letter here: DHS Data Breach